The latest from French "screamo"/post-hardcore act Sofy Major is this excellent one-sided 12" (with screenprinted artwork on the other half of the vinyl) released by Communication is Not Words and Emergence Records. And while there's just four tracks in 17 minutes, it's also the band's most diverse and aggressive work to date, having expanded their approach with much darker atmospheric undercurrents. This time out the recording utilizes an oppressive mix that really thickens up their attack with loads of surging heaviness and pulsing basslines against whirring layers of electronic noise and a few tactfully placed samples, while the scathing screams and some of the more caustic guitar work fall back into the distance a bit. The songwriting continues to demonstrate a lot of growth here, as the band continues to refine their tactics and achieve a greater sense of focus at the same time as tossing in the aforementioned new textures, while briefly flirting with other outside influences such as the thundering percussion and spoken vocals of "Satan", or the unexpected yet awesome "stoner rock" riffs towards the end of " Meurtre � Lezoux". Some of this material is actually starting to remind me of what Isis was doing on their first two EP's, but Sofy Major's not really coming from a metal-based background, so the end result has a little more going on beneath the surface. This is another great release from a curious group that's getting better and better. They've always been deserving of more appreciation, but now more than ever...

Collective Zine

First up, this is a really fucking lovely item to look at: a neat gatefold card sleeve with intricate three-colour screenprinting and another print itself on the b-side. Really rather eye-catching, and reminiscent of releases like the Halo Perfecto or Life At These Speeds LPs. Thankfully the music doesn't disappoint either, things kicking off with the chugging, crotch-kicking malevolence of "Meurtre a Lezoux" and on through another three tracks of hard-to-pinpoint awesomeness that veer between a gritty Unsane lurch and the heavy, sinewy groove of Shotmaker, the singer's hoarse, incredulous screams augmented here and there by well-chosen samples that bleed blurrily into the music and, along with lingering moments of static-edged ambience, give these four Frenchmen an edge over many other acts currently charting a similar course.


...i've always viewed Metal as something akin to jenkem, minus the purported high. N.A. Jenkem, if you will. However, on certain rare occasions, the Gods Of Metal part the black clouds of the Inverted Hades Atmospheric System, and i-very briefly-get a whiff of something i would imagine is roughly akin to a jenkem buzz. I mean, it still smells like shit, but at least you're feeling something, somewhere, you think. In any event, as this grooves-on-the-one-side-silkscreening-on-the-other platter began its initial revolutions, i thought perhaps such a time was upon me, as the intro guitars were grinding together in a mildly arresting manner, and i thought perhaps i heard the alluring whine of a distant drag race in the background. Unfortunately, it turned out to be just a bunch of weird moaning, with the singer, who probably has a half-decent voice under normal circumstances, straining his voice idiotically in some attempt to manufacture a functional screech. Bah. Death to false jenkem! BEST SONG: "Meutre a Lezoux" BEST SONG TITLE: The whippersnapper in me wants to say "Satan," but my left brain tells me i must admit it's "Need a Spank?" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Gatefold notes indicate that "THIS IS DIYED SOUND. BURN IT." Don't mind if i do.

Set Us Free

Screamo has slowly, but safely become one of my favoritegenres. The energy, anxiety, and the rage is so perfectly balanced and in the end it becomes something so beuatiful. And now when my latest star, Sofy Major, has appeared in the picture it feels like screamo forever will be with me.

But enough about me. Sofy Major is a french Screamo-band that is very right on, unlike alot of bands in the scene that rather build up their songs and doesn't release the anger until the end of the song. Sofy Major, on the other hand, always manage to keep the same energy throughout their songs, which results in a spray of rage and melody, that always succeedes to walk hand by hand. That is probably the reason that makes me love Maxi, there is always a wonderful melody beneath the rest of the nistruments, and vocalist Bastiens shriek. It is so beautiful that I want to cry, but at the same time so rough that I just want to bang my fist to the wall.
But I do not want to guide you in the wrong direction, or confuse you with saying that it's too rough or too melodic. Read this last sentence and you will know all you need to know.
It is wonderful.

com07 - april 2009


~500 copies

Communication Is Not Words / Emergence / IRAE

sofy major - 12

a1. Meurtre à Lezoux

a2. Endive
a3. Need a Spank ?

Artwork made by Brian Cougar.

Recorded in Montpellier (France), in 2008.