2010, august 07th


The 4 Way Split with MEN AS TREES, DYING IN MOTION, LE PRÉ OÙ JE SUIS MORT and DOLCIM is here. You can get your copie in the mailorder section.
All the songs will be available for free download very soon.

2010, june 05th


LE PRÉ OÙ JE SUIS MORT is touring Europe for 3 weeks with LA DISPUTE.
Check the dates.

la dispute

2010, april 30th


The split ADORNO / SUGARTOWN CABARET is now available. You can buy it here.

adorno/sugartown cabaret vinyl

2010, january 11st

So this is the new year...

... and i don't feel any different...

Seriously, if you consider one year as a whole, you can notice there is no more time between two years than between two seconds.

Anyway, i'm really happy to take part in two more nice records. The firt one is a split between SUGARTOWN CABARET & ADORNO, and the other one is (also) a split between UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & SWISS. These will be vinyls, not sure yet of the format.

More informations and artworks coming soon.

2009, june 23rd

Broken eyes

The new album from L'HOMME PUMA is now available. The first orders will received a free t-shirt.

l'homme puma vinyl

2009, may 02nd

Major update

Eight months. More than eight months without any news...

But today, good and bad news. The good one is that the vinyl of SOFY MAJOR is out, in a beautiful silkscreened gatefold made by Arrache-toi un oeil.

sofy major vinyl

The bad news is that there is only one good news. Unfortunately, L'HOMME PUMA's new album is still at the pressing plant. This parturition is more like the birth of a dolphin than a puma...

2008, august 23rd

The end of angoisses

EPs of EINNA, "Les Angoisses d'Arcadie", are now available.

einna cd

2008, may 09th


Vinyl of LE PRÉ OÙ JE SUIS MORT are now available. For all of you who pre-ordered, the records will be sent today or tomorrow. Thanks a lot!

There were some troubles with the EINNA's CD. But it should be ready soon.

2008, february 24th

New records

The next two releases should be available soon. You can now preorder both of them.

EINNA will release it first EP named "Les Angoisses d'Arcadie". The s/t 12" of LE PRÉ OÙ JE SUIS MORT will also be out soon.

The preoders can be done here: mailorder.

2007, december 20th

[...] Happiness

The vinyl of FOLLOWED BY 37 SECONDS OF HAPPINESS is now available. Many covers' colors and 3 designs.

followed by 37 vinyl

2007, octobre 13rd


Records of FOLLOWED BY 37 SECONDS OF HAPPINESS have been a little delayed. They should be available at the end of the month.

In the meantime, you can browse the site, check the mailorder, or go back to your favorite activities.

2007, june 29th


The demo of NUNKA ID is now online, and you can download it. It was recorded at the end of 2005, so it's a little old, but we think it awesome that people can listen to it.
If you want a DIY cd of the demo, you can tell us, we will made some handmade copies.

Our third release will be the EP of the sweden band FOLLOWED BY 37 SECONDS OF HAPPINESS. It will be probably out at the end of july, or in august.

2007, june 5th

Mailorder's update


2007, april 15th

L'HOMME PUMA: out now

L'HOMME PUMA's EP is now available for 8 euros (without postage).

2007, february 3rd


We're happy to announce you the release of the EP of L'HOMME PUMA. It will probably be out in March. You can already have a look at the cover:

l'homme puma ep

After that, NUNKA ID's EP will be out too.

2006, november 25th

First release

As you can see, our internet site is in his final version. We hope you will like it; don't hesitate to give us your comments.

Our first release we be the maxi-demo "La culture du dépit", by the band NUNKA ID from Caen (France).

2006, september 30th

communication is not words

It is with a lot of respect for the music and the artists who support the independent scene, and above all without the slightest pretentiousness, what we start the creation and the running of a musical label.

This project of DIY label (non-profit-making) is realized with the aim of promoting and distributing the music in which we will find passion, emotion or fury.